Artificial Intelligence
Runs Deep In Our Products

We build intelligent and purposeful apps that will change the way you solve day-to-day problems.
At the heart of this revolution is Deep Learning. It helps to reimagine our world. Sufficient data is biggest barrier to build intelligence.
Computer Vision and NLP helps us to break this barrier to great extent. Scale is another barrier to break.
Billion users make apps intelligent and purposeful. Journey into AI begins here.


Sliggoo gives parents a hassle-free solution for their everyday hurdle of picking up their kids from school. The real-time tracker intimates the school authorities on the parent’s location


15 mins that you spend with your doctor is precious; Make it count with rxbot.


Find you digitial twin at twin23

AI for Sales Team

Ziwid is a complete end-to-end sales platform that enables you to find prospects, Communicate with them via email or phone, convert, track and collect payments.

Cloud Native SOC

StegoSOC delivers continuous security and compliance monitoring for cloud infrastructure. Helps to implement Cloud Security Framework seamlessly.

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